Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It is almost Christmas dear readers!! How positively perfect is this scene from DC?! Doesn't it look just like a movie set?? I want to be one of those people bundled up, happily shopping, Starbucks in hand. Of course that all sounds far better to me because I'm a non-snowed in Floridian. Confession - I've never seen snow. Ever. It is, in fact, an experience I long for with every fiber of my being. Seeing snow is on my bucket list. Every year I think, this will be the year we take the drive just to SEE the snow and come back. I was teased with the possibility this year again. Now I'll probably just wait till next year and hope for the best! Till then, I'll keep looking at lovely pictures like this and day dream about snow, snow, snow, snow - SNOW!

(picture by Bullneck)

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